Built By Ben Woodworking is custom woodworking company that one of my close friends started. He needed a website and I wanted to test my Wordpress/local SEO chops.
I started with a small strategic brief, a portion of which you can see below. We covered the goals of the site/business, web design, SERP expectations, content creation, and many more small details. There were many learning curves and it's still a work in progress, but has been a great learning experience so far.
On the SEO side of things, I've covered:
- Google My Business
- Local Citations
- Evergreen Content Creation
- On Page Technical SEO work
- Reviews
- Keyword Research
Logo Design/Branding
From the beginning, Ben was interested in the design of a new logo. I don't consider myself a logo expert or graphic designer, but I came up with some mockups and with Ben's help, we found a good fit for the brand.
Luckily, he liked it enough to start making stickers, hats, hoodies, etc. 
Wordpress/Site Design
Below, you'll see the homepage of Built By Ben Woodworking. The navigation is set up to include the pages we felt best represented his work and brand as a whole. As of right now, we've chosen not to add in a blog because all the content we've produced has been something that we'd like to keep as a permanent addition to the site.
Working with Wordpress in such an in depth way taught me a lot about plugins, basic html, troubleshooting, and content creation. I can confidently say that I feel comfortable working with the Wordpress CMS (not without a fair amount of googling).


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